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66PTNE-59 by drahomira 66PTNE-59 by drahomira
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lightdrink Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2009
inflight Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2005
i love your work!

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
sipsic Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2005
really crazy :D
7grims Featured By Owner May 17, 2005  Professional Interface Designer
a lovebel polaroid. realy nice, i wish i had this kind of memories printed in a polaroid.
pinkcookie Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2004
this is just too good :drool:
iamkatia Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2004
i love everything about this piece!!

it's so very unique! :clap:
drahomira Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
thanks a lot
degothicangel Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2004
ok now you did it your the freakiest person Ive ever seen . I never know your concepts but it just looks so good to see , and you always put a smile on my face
iamtsu Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2004
wow..thats pretty surreal :D
SubterfugeMalaises Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
i thought i commented on this one before.. mm.. maybe only in my mind.. anyways.. more of ur works goin to my favs.. i really love the yellow.. and i'm loving the weird relation of all the elements in the pic..

drahomira Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
drahomira Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
HollowEmotions Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2004   Photographer
lol........... thats realy weird ;P
dolly-decay Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2004   Photographer
strange. i like it.
corrodingsun Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2004
this is SO david lynch. very disturbing.
psychodoughbee Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2004

(I was about to say this one would probably be my favourite one from you, but that's not true.
Not true because I can't choose one to love.
My love is universal? *sigh* )
gyroscope Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2004
heh. very dreamlike. makes me like yellow.
Pedram Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2003
. exellent .
sarahsheepbaton Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2003
do you have a webpage showing all the polaroids? Or shall i browse the gallery... i love it by the way, if i havent told you already
cecilia Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2003
i saw the couch and i clicked... and i can't comprehend... but smirk is on my face...
vee-vayze Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2003
I'm so in love with the polaroids that never existed. This one reminds me of a movie still.
ProyectoAghata Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2003
Yet another great Polaroid
deludedchild Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2003
another +fav and another great photo, I think its time I added you to my devwatch, Mr.. Nod ;) (Wink)
nikitas Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
very funny
shaz-bot Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2003
Wow.... thats awesome! The imagaintion you have :) (Smile) Great color contrast too, very original. +Fav
moongate Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
im loving this polaroid idea ^_^ tis so original *envy*
milchstrasse Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2003
Now it's back to fun and games in this one... I love the retro look and the little cloud of smoke emanating from the couch (hmm, Exploding Couch? What do the Three Sisters know about it?).

This is fun fun fun. I'm so happy I found your gallery, I'm willing to stick it out with the Connection From Hell (tm) just so I can view everything.
yokom Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2003
it's incredible. it looks so much like something from the 60s!
i8evilfish Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2003
The beautiful easily gets away.

spaceron Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2003
The combination is so delicieux! These girls communicate in a remarkable way with the little explosion that is in itself something precious, situated there on the couch! The final strong perspective environment makes this a +fav for me!
pacman23 Featured By Owner May 27, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
hah thats awesome
wilmes Featured By Owner May 26, 2003
modern art love it
very well done
great concept
keep it up :) (Smile)
phusion Featured By Owner May 25, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
one of my favorite PTNE yet.... shoudl make a coffee table book with these. i'd buy it.
faithwalker Featured By Owner May 22, 2003  Student Photographer
Your work is tuly genius! You are without a doubt one of the best artist here or anywhere for that matter. I don't say that lightly!

wrongsideout Featured By Owner May 21, 2003
i'm fucked up...
wonkykitten Featured By Owner May 19, 2003   Writer
i haven't the foggiest how one would execute such a fabulous manipped photo. but everything in this frame is stunning and enticing and really exciting. it's a fabulous combination and confusing little story of surreal randomness! i applaud this and am in utter awe. i came to your dev's from dollseye's page because i really liked your avatar's creepy yet really retro quality. i will definitely be devwatching you...well done. :P (Lick)
iamrobot Featured By Owner May 19, 2003
:) (Smile) its a whole story inside 1 frame.
Very Sureal. Very Blueberry!
elephantseed Featured By Owner May 19, 2003

Don't dance on the couch.

a. seed /a.

laurel Featured By Owner May 18, 2003
youre my hero.
vistascan Featured By Owner May 17, 2003
yes i really like this serie- hope it will go beyond 66.
pwca Featured By Owner May 17, 2003
more please.
elfeinkilt Featured By Owner May 17, 2003
commentaire 73 :p (Lick)
celui là tu y repond pas
ça te fera du boulot en moins
bah .... oui ! : )))
moi elle me fais rire cette image
en emem temps elle a qq chose de derangeant
hmm en fait non je crosi quelle marche ds leffet inverse
dabord , je la trouve etrange .... ensuite elle me fait rire
lescouleurs me plaisent bcp lendroit , le sofa aussi
tu as trop geré come uen bete lexplosion .....
apres je c pas si les 3 potiches ont bien les pieds par terre
mais en fait c encore mieux
c comme si lexplosion du canapé les faisait sursauter
le canapé d'ou elles viennent de se lever .....
non ...c'est pas moi qui ai mis la bombe
morganaarau Featured By Owner May 16, 2003
...loooks cooool... :cool:
redux Featured By Owner May 16, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
top shit ! "at the sight of the three girls, mr blombidou exploded into a small cloud of dust"...;) (Wink)
marekandrzej Featured By Owner May 16, 2003
the composition is incredibble. Wowow...
goodbyejulia Featured By Owner May 15, 2003  Professional General Artist
I absolutely adore this,
the composition and oddness
oh the hilarity.
Such an amazing series...
casualtea Featured By Owner May 15, 2003
that is just an awesome association - the mushroom cloud to the dainty dresses, that's comic genius! rofl
graygirl Featured By Owner May 15, 2003
This really is a great idea.
lobaud Featured By Owner May 15, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
awesome photo manipulation!!! - I wonder if theres a political message in this? something something capitalism finally getting theirs at sofa lvl? :P (Lick) ... dunno, I like it anyway!!!
darkened-flame Featured By Owner May 14, 2003
cool and different -- best series on DA by far =P (Razz) . I love it man.

I like hte addition of hte girls in the background -- makes it much more....odd. This reminds me of all the weirddddddassssss film shorts i wanna make.

I gotta say you need to work on the shadow a little bit more. The lighting seems to be from straight above and to the right (look at the shadow of the couch) but hte shadow of the smoke is small and to the right......

Needs to be larger and to the left =P (Razz) .
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