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Bambi Puberty by drahomira Bambi Puberty by drahomira
as time goes by...
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FawnyaFrolic Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2009  Professional Artist
Hello. :deviation:
I just wanted to inform you that your deviation
has been featured in my tribute to Deer..
Thankyou and have a wonderful day! :meow:
turen Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2007
I’ve been browsing your gallery, and well, you seem like a beautiful person.
The world needs more beautiful people.
transitory Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2005
i think it would be nice if this were available as a print. : )
drahomira Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
i don't really like this one, but maybe someday i'll make a postcard with it.. : )
transitory Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2005
that's a good idea... but of course i think so, because i really like this image. = )

i have a few of your postcards in my wishlist now. i'm curious, though, do you know the dimensions of the postcards?

and has it been worthwhile to have a prints account?
drahomira Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
the postcards are 6x4 inches.
well it's not a way to earn money for a living : ) i've sold about 40 when i opened my account so it's cool because i've earned a bit more than the subscription price, but i didn't sell any since.
wokeupjustnow Featured By Owner May 12, 2004
CHRIIIZ Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2004
juxtaposicion Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2003
Can I convince you to let me use that texture you use? Its AWE-INSPIRING. JAW-DROPPING, and HEART-STOPPING!!


but seriously, anyway I can use it por favor?
ajka Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2003
Oh, my. How do you do that? I absolutely love your style. It is so simple and perfection itself. Another one of your art go straight to my fav.
digifox Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2003
I love your style.
moongate Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
wow stunning as always
the colours the circles the comination of them all and the flower..and bambi Aww
blueguitar Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
o no! It's a binary treee! lol

this is really cool!
silveria Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2003
Wah! Love the colors. And I agree with an earlier comment that it feels very retro. What an imagination you must have..
yokom Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2003
quite clever! i like it a lot. sorta reminds me of christmas. :) (Smile)
caladrius Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2003
Really love this one!!!! Nice metaphor =) (Smile)
arpad Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2003
Nice warm retro colors :D (Big Grin)
cure80 Featured By Owner May 31, 2003
just perfect! I love you avatgardish style, it rocks!
trew Featured By Owner May 28, 2003
wow nice one!! love the pepper
pullmyhair Featured By Owner May 27, 2003
This is great! I love the colors, and the title. And the little circle thingies..muwhaha.
getcarter Featured By Owner May 25, 2003   Photographer
...very sweet!
elephantseed Featured By Owner May 25, 2003

54th Among other things

When you think about it scientifically, a deer’s puberty is like a mathematical sum that flowers like a bud of a beautiful plant.

Wonderful insight & thought here, I love it.

a. seed /a.

strangeweather Featured By Owner May 24, 2003
this is the bomb, glad to see it hit the top favs.

as always I don't have anything intelligent to say.
caio Featured By Owner May 24, 2003  Professional Photographer
Where do you find those things? This is so yours, so self style. Very good.
zulto Featured By Owner May 23, 2003
My comments on your work will be getting very predictable if you keep making awesome stuff like this...

You know I love it.. +fav
n05feratu Featured By Owner May 22, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what a beautiful concept.. very well done.. deep.. meaning.. great!
ringsadako Featured By Owner May 22, 2003
mais c'ets énorme !!!!
je suis fan !!!
killagirlie Featured By Owner May 22, 2003
Ok, nothing important to say...i love the texture, it reminds me a warm and tender coat fabric, like cachemire...and...oh...i'm coming to paris soon, maybe you can advise me a little hotel in Montmartre or anything else :) (Smile) I promise to return this kindness with the same advise about Milan, naturally. [I'm joking - not about coming in paris - i don't know what i have got in my coffee this morning :D (Big Grin) ]
anyway +fav it's so innocent and pure...a little like me :D (Big Grin)
abraxas Featured By Owner May 21, 2003   Writer
I can't really add anything that hasn't already been said - brilliant work!
kuroineko Featured By Owner May 21, 2003
O_O Neat! Not a style you see very often :D (Big Grin) Plus fav!
dreamrunner Featured By Owner May 21, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i dont get it.....
maybe i am dumb....
i like the deer though
TheRyanFord Featured By Owner May 21, 2003  Professional Interface Designer
This is very modern. I love the unrealistic redtones to the image. Nice work.
alchemism Featured By Owner May 21, 2003
Amazing interpretation my friend.
A very intriguing image with a very interpretive structure.
Lovely. +fav
iamrobot Featured By Owner May 21, 2003
When an deer reaches a certain age, and starts his journey into adolescence, the deer gets a certain twinkle in its eye and he begins to think about girl deers, whom he never really noticed quite the same way as he noticed them now, and the bilogical urge to perpetuate his genes begins to take hold...

All perpetuating of genes, invariable start with flowers. Girl deer are funny that way.
ts-development Featured By Owner May 21, 2003
great! i like your work very much! :) (Smile)

gr33tz thilo
shmooey Featured By Owner May 21, 2003
beautiful composition :) (Smile) Are prints going to be avalable?
p0m Featured By Owner May 21, 2003
This is just kick ass in my book.

BronzeRocket Featured By Owner May 21, 2003  Professional Interface Designer
i love the obscure graphics look, blended with a good graphics sense. it's lovely. belongs in a childrens book.

kengiroo Featured By Owner May 21, 2003   Interface Designer
HI! Iv'e just found this... CUTE!

What is that tree diagram for? A probabilily tree diagram? Probability for what? :D (Big Grin) !

Anyway, this is a cool ideá, the deer is really well done, it has a sortof... toyish look to it, I really like it! The background texture is really neat. And the flower... Yoo are now going on to my devwatch list... wait... wait NOW!
;) (Wink) !
jellycious Featured By Owner May 21, 2003
Thumbs Up
Ray-Harmacinski Featured By Owner May 21, 2003  Professional Photographer
I like it but you obviously went "over the top" .. It took me a few second myself..hehehe (obviously not for the uneducated)
silentology Featured By Owner May 21, 2003   Writer
you'll have to pardon me for not paying attention in algebra. i was sick a lot and i just don't get mathmatic formulas. the colors are nice in the way they compliment each other. the clouds are wonderful, it almost seems like he's sitting in a windowsill. i don't get the whole concept and what it is supposed to represent but i just woke up too so ill have to check back later and see if it makes sense to me then. i'm sure there is something i'm missing. i love the whole idea of it though, and those hotpeppers at the top just kill me! im kinda thinking bambi is looking at a hot little female deer somewhere off in the distance that we can't see. the texture on the background is divine. it's soothing too look at and compliments the piece well. either way this is a wonderful piece of work even if my slow brain doesn't really comprehend it. lol :D (Big Grin) Slow
3man Featured By Owner May 21, 2003
very trendy design man, keep it up Thumbs Up
eringonz Featured By Owner May 21, 2003   Photographer
one of the things i've noticed with this particular style of yours (versus the 66 polaroid series) is that you bring out so much depth in your pieces with simple things like texture... the background texture really gives this piece that extra.... what the french call a certain.. i don't know what..

your imagery is always abstract and aesthetically/technically tight... i hope some day to achieve your sense of artistic beauty..

beautiful, as always..
shadoglare Featured By Owner May 21, 2003
Uhhh I don't get it.
Nice design though.
enept Featured By Owner May 21, 2003
I will learn your ways yet Mr.Pantone, lol good stuff_____+
wrongsideout Featured By Owner May 21, 2003
i can't say a word...
i watched your gallery, too...
wyrd Featured By Owner May 21, 2003
I like the wallpaper effect in the background........Does Bambi have one eye on a particular star? ...But no they are not stars, they are examples of mathmatical formulas ...... genetics perhaps? ................

Bambi ultimately wants to open like a flower in season ....... a dirty little deer with filth on it's mind.
Cabycab Featured By Owner May 21, 2003  Professional General Artist
Wooo, c'est beau ça. Belle métaphore, supershoix de couleur. +favlove
elfeinkilt Featured By Owner May 21, 2003
j'iame bcp la reflexion sur la puberté ....
comment atteindre lage adulte ....
quand on est bambi ....hahah
pardon .
ça tue sa mere .
eh greycom est le la seule a avoir vu comme moi
Yancik c'est ptet trop simple pour lui en fait ....
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